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Whenever I ask people in organisations, what is the state of mind in which you work best and achieve great results.

The answer is always the same!


Optimise Performance and Wellbeing in Work

People say, I’m at my best when I’m:

  • Focused
  • Calm
  • Clear
  • Alert
  • Engaged
  • Happy

This is a law.

One that we all need to take seriously if we are interested in maintaining success and  high performance and avoiding a toxic culture of low morale, disengagement and negativity, not even to mention soaring health issues and related costs. 

Optimise Performance and Wellbeing in Work – what is happening now?

Today’s workplace tends to be a busy, constantly changing, pressured environment where distractions are endless. And this is not going to slow down or stop; in fact, inevitably, it will speed up and become more demanding as technology advances.

So, the current trend of working harder and running faster to keep up, is not sustainable.

Anyone interested in optimising their performance and thriving in their work and life needs to develop skills so that they can manage their state of mind, whenever the environment.

Sports people have known this for decades.

How to Optimise Performance and Wellbeing in Work?

If you get your head right, your perspective and approach to challenge is much more likely to succeed than when you are are frazzled, confused and exhausted.


Mindfulness Training helps you Optimise Performance & Wellbeing in Work

Managing your state of mind is the training of mindfulness.

Research has demonstrated that this is a foundational skill that underpins self awareness, self management and emotional intelligence skills. These are the skills that predict performance, leadership effectiveness and organisational wellbeing.

1 Minute Guided Meditations to help get you started.

1 Mindful Minute Pause

We all need to take a pause, or a breather to re-boot / replenish / rejuvenate

maybe at the end of an activity before starting the next thing …

If you can do this a few times during the day, you will transform the way your day goes and how you feel… Try it and see…

Interested in learning more? Please get in touch…