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So often people tell me that they were unaware that they were stressed until:

  • They got ill
  • Problems in relationships
  • Unable to relax even in ‘off time’
  • Could not sleep
  • Had an ‘always on’ mind
  • Lost all vitality and enjoyment in life

Self Awareness is Key

Self Awareness is Key to Managing Self

This lack of self awareness is so common because our tendency is to pay a lot of attention to thinking and the story we are telling ourselves. So much so, that we may be missing the vital information our body / heart is giving us. It is surprising for most people when they become aware of that and notice how ‘the voice in the head’ is running them.

Of course, the truth is that we are so much more than the thinker.

Free Guided Meditation to Develop Self Awareness

Here is a short and very useful 6 Minute – 3 Centre Check In practice that is fully portable and you can use anytime, anywhere.

Self Awareness is Key

This practice is about cultivating three centres of intelligence.

  1. The head centre          your cognitive ability              what you think
  2. The heart centre         your emotional ability            what are you feel
  3. The body centre          your somatic self                     what your sense

When you cultivate these different dimensions of experience, you are more self aware, have more insight, know more about who you are, understand yourself better and more deeply.

Self Awareness is Key to Managing Self & Others

Mindfulness is fundamentally about shifting or cultivating a relationship…
Here you are invited into a process of cultivating a relationship with your whole self and your deep wisdom.



Self Awareness is Key to Managing Self & Others

This allows you to engage in your work, in your life and with others in a deeper way.

It was adapted from a practice Pamela Weiss created for her Personal Excellence Program (click for more)

This article was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work