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Case Studies

Every organisation comes for training with different objectives and challenges.
This means the solutions we provide range:

From programmes extending for several months to once off talks / workshop interventions
From organisation-wide transformation to individual 1 to 1 coaching, as our case studies show.

Case Studies – where Courses/Programmes were the solution…

Case Studies re: Mindful Leadership for Aircraft Maintenance Co

Developing Effective Leadership & People Skills

International Aircraft Maintenance Co.

Helping the senior management team develop their emotional intelligence skills to optimise their ability to influence and lead inspired teams…

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Case Studies re: Mindfulness Training for customer-care

Creating Exceptional Customer Care

Public Food Company

Expanding relationship skill level of service team so that they could maximise the customer interaction opportunity and retain brand position and loyalty.

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Care Studies re: mindfulness training for Pharma company

Building Resilience, Positive Coping Skills…

Pharmaceutical company

Facilitating a team to develop more effective habits and coping strategies for a high pressure environment and improve wellness and performance.

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Case Studies - Mindfulness Training for government agency

Enhancing Collaboration & Teamwork

Government Agency

Strengthening each individual’s ability to deal with stress, self-regulate, manage difficulty / conflict, communicate and collaborate effectively…

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Case Studies - Mindfulness Training for fostering agency

Managing Caregiver Fatigue

Non profit Agency

Assisting a team to champion more effectual competencies – resilience, teamwork, collaboration, communication, problem solving…

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Case Studies - Mindfulness Training for 3rd level university

Facilitating Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction…

Third Level University

Facilitating the globally acclaimed Mindfulness Training Course by Jon Kabat Zinn,  Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction with a group of staff…

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Case Studies – where Workshops / Talks were the solution…

Case Studies - Mindful Leadership Training for Retail Group

Mindful Leadership & Wellbeing Workshop

Leading Retail Group

Awareness building workshop for Management team to explore how Mindfulness creates: ability to prioritise, delegate, collaborate, communicate, deal with stress and maintain positivity…

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Case Studies - Mindfulness Training for online service company

Improve Performance & Manage Change

International Online Service Company

Customer Care team learn practical skills to enhance ability to focus on task, reduce stress/distraction, navigate constantly changing work environment more skillfully…

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Case Studies - Mindfulness Training for Charity

Self Compassion at Work…

Charity serving intellectual disability

Assisting the leadership team to learn the skills of self compassion and inner resilience so they could support themselves and remain open hearted in demanding roles…

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Case Studies - Mindfulness Training for Engineers

Managing Stress, Safety & Wellness

Various Utility & Service Providers

Requested a series of Mindfulness Workshops to help staff Manage Stress, Safety & Wellness as well as deal with tight deadlines & heavy workloads…

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Case Studies - Mindfulness Training for Financial Services

Resilient and at my BEST Workplace Wellness

Various leading companies

Talk to develop awareness of downsides of stress, multitasking, distraction and gain practical tips for working calmly, building resilience in demanding context…

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Case Studies - Mindful Leadership Training for Hospitality Group

Developing Mindfulness & Business Leadership…

Leading Hospitality Group

Management team training in skills of self control, independence, confidence, relationship skills, communication and optimism…

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Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


This course was great for me. Definitely given me lots to look forward to this year. I feel and think differently. My life has slowed down and I am letting go. I can see the b… Read more